Biography by Jennifer Evans

Biography by Jennifer Evans

From 407 entries for 22 categories, What the Locusts Had Eaten won 1st place in Biography for the Christian Choice Awards given by Xulon Press in December, 2008.

 2008 Georgia Author of the Year WINNER!  What The Locusts Had Eaten The Nikki O’Baire Story Nikki O’Baire lived the events of this book on the border between dogged self-sufficiency and raw helplessness. One after another, her saviors disappointed her. At the end of her resources and on the brink of self-destruction, she found the only Savior really worth trusting.

There is hardly a struggle women face that doesn’t surface in this true story: physical and sexual abuse as a child, exploitation in her teen years, escape into marriage at fifteen, mother of four by twenty-two, miscarriage, malignant cancer during her fourth pregnancy, nervous breakdown, divorce, single motherhood, heroin addiction, arrest and conviction on drug charges, kidnapping of her children, attempted suicide, rape, rehab, romance with a member of the Mafia, loss of her oldest to AIDS, promise of a country music career…. Throughout Nikki’s life, she searched for the approval she missed as a child. She longed for tenderness, but serial romances only left her empty. Her escape grew into a nightmare of addiction stripping her of everything she deemed precious. God brought Nikki through an almost unbelievable chain of events to lead her to the end of herself and draw her to Him.    



Go to any bookstore and use this ISBN: 9781602665309  



(News article regarding the first of two awards in 2008)
Jennifer Evans awarded 2008 Georgia Author of the Year for What the Locusts Had Eaten, The Nikki O’Baire Story
June 7, 2008 – Atlanta
Jennifer Evans, author of ‘What the Locusts Had Eaten, The Nikki O’Baire Story,’ received a coveted 2008 Georgia Author of the Year Award at the May 7th celebration banquet sponsored by the Georgia Writers Association and Kennesaw State University. ‘What the Locusts Had Eaten, The Nikki O’Baire Story,’ won in the Creative Non-fiction biography category.

Since its beginning in 1964, the Awards have gained prestige and enjoyed greater participation. Originally sponsored by the Dixie Council of Authors and Journalists, the GAYA came to the Georgia Writers Association in 1990. In 2006, Georgia Writers formally affiliated with Kennesaw State University. Today, the GAYA not only recognizes the traditional Poetry and Fiction categories, but also celebrates the growing Creative Non-fiction genre. The changing literary marketplace demands guideline revisions annually.

‘What the Locusts Had Eaten, The Nikki O’Baire Story’ is the gripping life story of a woman, Nikki O’Baire, who spent years running into the arms of uncommitted lovers and unfaithful husbands, into the trap of drug abuse and alcoholism, away from the mob, and toward a dream of stardom. Being devoured a little at a time by every person she dared to trust, she finally ran into the arms of the One who could restore her life. Jennifer Evans’ ‘What the Locusts Had Eaten, The Nikki O’Baire Story’ (paperback, ISBN 978-1-60266-530-9) is an inspirational biography that will help wounded parents not pass on their own hurts to their children. The book will touch people who have looked for love in all the wrong places, and motivate readers living on the edge to discover the fullness of life.

“Too often, there is a wide disconnect between what people say they believe and how they live that faith,” says Evans. “This book will examine an individual life and ask hard questions, hopefully bridging the gap.”

As Evans and her friend Nikki explored her history over lunch, Nikki’s life grew into a story Evans believes people need to hear. “I always want to look for God’s hand moving in my life and in those of others,” explains the author, “to feel His touch in ‘coincidences,’ to see His creativity in nature. My soul is always thirsty for more of whatever it is God has in mind.”

Jennifer Evans lives with her husband, Gary, in Canton, Georgia. In addition to her most current book, Evans has also published a children’s book, a women’s Bible study, and various short stories and articles. She also works part-time for The Seed Company, a Wycliffe Bible Translators affiliate, as a staff writer. She enjoys speaking to women’s groups, Bible studies, small groups and book clubs. See her website at

Contact Jennifer at
Both Jennifer and Nikki are available for book events or speaking engagements.

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  1. Jenny, I can’t wait to read this book!

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