Reduced - Jennifer EvansLet me introduce myself. I am a freelance writer with a deep desire to use this gift to the glory of God. For about ten years, I worked as a literacy specialist in the Philippines with SIL (formerly Summer Institute of Linguistics). During that time, I spent my spare time writing. I finished a women’s Bible study which has been used throughout that country entitled Diamonds In The Rough, Jewels In The Making (published under my former name, Jenny Golden). In 2002, one of my children’s stories, Gaya’s Gift, was published there in diglot (English/Tagalog). Children are enjoying that book both at home and in school, where teachers are using it to reinforce their English lessons. I’ve also written both news and feature articles for one of Manila’s nationally distributed newpapers, The Philippine Star. In my work with SIL, I had opportunities to write curriculum to get vernacular story books and Scripture into use in Filipino public schools. Business letters, website copy, publicity and promotional materials and even ghost-written personal correspondence are also included in my writing experience. I also enjoy writing poetry, short stories, memoirs and biographies. 

 I have a B.A. in Christian Missions, an M.A. in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Education, and other graduate work in linguistics and literacy. I currently work from home for The Seed Company, a Wycliffe-affiliated organization (see ) as a copy writer. I strongly believe every person needs access to the Bible, God’s Word, in his or her mother tongue. What a joy it is for me to work for that cause from the convenience of my bedroom-office! I am blessed with a fabulous husband, Gary. He’s also my in-house tech support. We are empty nesters, currently in the process of spoiling our calico cat, Monet.
 I'm in it for the naps.G on ferry

2 Responses to “About Me”

  1. smilesback Says:

    My mom, Janet, just told me about your weblog, so I went to it right away. I grew up in the Philippines as my parents were WBT there. They now work at the Dallas center. I met you there way back.

    I am also writing at a weblog. I mostly write promoting the reading of God’s Word. Write to my email address and I’ll give it to you, if you’d like.

    Blessings to you,

  2. Nina Leong Says:

    Hi, Jenny! I just noticed that my e-newsbits to you have been bouncing. Glad I had noted your website!

    What’s your new email address?

    Nina Leong

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