To Write or Not to Write…

January 29, 2011

A good reading spot...

Some people have asked me if I am writing another book. I never quite know how to answer that; I have started several on paper, a few in my head and many random chapters that are stashed away in my computer. So yes, I am writing. But no, not actually to produce a book. At least, not writing to produce my own book at the moment.

But I’m helping a few other people with their stuff. I’m delighted to recommend to you a wonderful book of true stories from the experiences of a friend of mine. It’s called Angel Tracks in the Himalayas (by Gary Shepherd). I guarantee the riveting stories will challenge and inspire you. You’ll follow Gary through miracles and heartbreak and find answers to questions you didn’t know you had.

It was my privilege to read some of Gary’s material and offer some input before he published his first book. And now he’s working on a second. I love the stories, and it’s fun to get to help him. For me it feels like going behind the scenes on a movie set!

Another friend, Jaki Parlier, is also working on her second book. Her first, entitled Poking Holes in the Darkness, detailed the adventures of Jaki and her husband, Jim, as they went to Papua New Guinea a few decades ago to serve among the Managalasi people as Bible translators. Jaki’s trials and triumphs in learning to love touched me a deep place. She and Jim were the first Bibles the Managalasi ever read. Humbling, gripping and painstakingly honest, Jaki shares from her heart. I’m honored to be trusted to help her with her sequel.

In addition, I’m helping with The Seed Company’s blog. You can read it at . I believe I have another post coming this weekend on that site. But you’d enjoy reading it any time; many different writers contribute to the blog.

Thanks for reading. And do check out the two books I mentioned. If you can’t find them on the web, send me a note and I’ll let you know how to get copies. Happy reading!


2 Responses to “To Write or Not to Write…”

  1. paulmerrill Says:

    And I am very thankful for your valuable contributions to the blog!

  2. Barbara Coots Says:

    You inspire me, Jenny! Thanks for this blog.

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