Celebrating With Far-Away Friends

July 21, 2010

Scott and Ryan Lieffers (then) with a Filipino jeepney


My friends, Rex and Jean Lieffers, left Atlanta with their two young sons 25 years ago to represent their church and several others in missions with Wycliffe Bible Translators (www.wycliffe.org). I got to know them when we were all working in Manila with SIL Philippines.  Jean and I share a passion for words, literacy, the Word, and writing.  

We worked together on projects celebrating the 50th anniversary of the modern Bible translation movement in Asia. Jean's  books include BY FAITH, BY WORD, Twelve Stories for Twelve Stamps, and Celebrate! Today the Lieffers' efforts, like mine with The Seed Company, focus on facilitating Bible translation around the world.     

Along with the Lieffers family and many other friends, I appreciate the opportunity to be part of the worldwide Bible translation movement. When God steered me away from the Philippines, I wondered if I’d ever be involved in missions again. Then He opened the door about 5 years later for me to do what I love—write—for an affiliate organization of the Wycliffe family I was a part of for 13 years (www.theseedcompany.org).   

 Today I’m celebrating with Jean; a major homeschool curriculum company recently bought 500 copies of BY WORD. Jean writes, “Pray the families reading BY WORD will be challenged to pray, give, and eventually SEND the next generation to the harvest fields.” 

Every day, I’m thankful for my part-time job. I’m also thankful for friends have made a career of serving Christ. But then, isn’t that all of us?


The Lieffers family



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