Rainbow Lessons

June 18, 2010

Heavenly entertainment

Last night I had nothing thawed to cook for supper, and rather than eat sandwiches, we went to IHOP. A thunderstorm grumbled overhead, and as we left the driveway, rain pelted the roof. But after we’d gone two miles, we drove through a wall of water that opened onto dry pavement! It was one of those “scattered” thunderstorms that doesn’t seem so piecemeal when you’re underneath it.

We drove into the parking lot at IHOP about 10 miles from home in a sprinkle, but the sun gleamed through the gray. As we walked into the restaurant, a rainbow shown against the cumulus. Gary grabbed his camera phone and took a quick picture. We could see the entire expanse of it from one horizon to the other. We requested a window seat with a full view of the spectacle. Then Gary gave me a rainbow lesson.

I learned you can’t see a rainbow unless you’re between the sun and the rain. The colors are actually just a reflection of the sun against the moisture in the air. If you were still in the rain, looking toward the sun, the rainbow might be there, but you wouldn’t see it.

By analogy, it made me wonder how many rainbows have been somewhere ahead of me, but I was too busy complaining about the rain to go a little further and look back to see the colors. God’s blessings always reflect something about His character, which is many-faceted like the colors of a rainbow. The original rainbow (the one He showed Noah) was the sign of a promise. In order to recognize God’s promises when there’s a thunderhead threatening my situation, I have to be looking at my storm from the “sunny” side, shining His truth on it. And finally, you never see a rainbow on a sunny day. If I’m going to enjoy the rainbow, I have to endure the storm.

Dinner out was a treat; the entertainment was heavenly. 🙂


One Response to “Rainbow Lessons”

  1. What a lovely story and a reminder that God can use those rain clouds for good.

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