May 13, 2010

Butterfly garden, EPCOT

Tonight I heard there’s legislation pending that would require cell phone companies to notify you when you are almost out of minutes. They’re trying to avoid high cell phone bills for people. On the surface it sounds like a good idea, but something about it bothered me.

It’s the same thing that bothers me about making kids wear helmets to ride bicycles. And requiring child safety locks on everything under the sun. I believe in protecting children; don’t get me wrong. But I thought that was what parents were for!

All of us want security. But no one wants to take responsibility for it. Consider the famous case of someone suing McDonalds because the coffee was too hot. Hmm. Now businesses write warnings on hot cups to protect themselves because people are too foolish to wait until the beverage cools for 30 seconds before they drink it.

My cell phone company could warn me. But why don’t I just take responsibility for my actions and check on the minutes? Why make someone else responsible for my negligence? It bothers me that this attitude pervades our society. That’s what happened to the economy. Someone expected someone else to do the governing instead of exercising self-control. We are a society of children that require helmets so we don’t hurt ourselves. I should stop here before I get political. 🙂

Security can’t be found in cell phone companies, economic recovery or helmets. Security is about peace in a deeper place. It comes from being grounded on something fixed, unshakable. “I am the Lord, and I do not change” (Malachi 3:6). We can depend on that word. I wrote a poem about it (inspired by Ps. 139).

The Word

You are in, around, above, below,
before me to prepare the road
behind my vulnerability
between me and the Enemy;
beside in every time of doubt
through blustery days to lift me out.
Prepositions I’ve not half spent;
Above them all: Omnipresent!

You are Strength, Guide, Shield and Fortress,
Hope, Peace, Mercy, Grace.
Friend and Brother, Father, Lover,
Companion, Husband, Guard, and Cover.
If person, place or thing is noun,
You’re omni-everything, I’ve found!

You forgive and cleanse me, wash and mold me,
In protecting arms you fold me,
encourage and bless, strengthen, guide,
hug and hold me to Your side,
change my attitudes and love me
even when I’m rude and ugly;
feed and house me, give me space
and then You offer me Your grace!
Energy that heaven sent,
The Active Verb: Omnipotent!



3 Responses to “”

  1. JD Klein Says:

    Preach it Sister!

  2. Sonya Says:

    I love it! He’s everything. My English major/Jesus lover daughter will really appreciate “The Word.”

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