Remiss, but not on purpose

March 5, 2010

Before the flat screen; now she's on the scanner...

I’ve been remiss in writing, as you probably noticed. Work has been crazy-busy this week, and though I love my job — I get to write all KINDS of things — when I step away from the computer at the end of my day, I don’t want to go back and blog later. The hazards of doing what you enjoy for work: it uses up all the creative juices!

But here I am at the end of the week, still sitting at the computer where I’ve been most of the day. I’m grateful to my husband, who recently traded in his old desk chair because the lift mechanism failed while it was still under warranty. The new chair was wonderful, but didn’t quite fit him as well as the one I was using. I happily traded, so now I have a new leather chair that doesn’t squeak. Since I sit in it daily and do a lot of phone conferencing, it’s nice that it’s comfortable and quiet!

Today I’m realizing how thankful I am for small things, like the desk chair. My desk is an old one that used to be in a teen’s room. It’s a three-piece affair that includes a dresser, all along one wall of the bedroom with a filing cabinet on the far end. My in-house tech support (Gary) provided me flat-screen monitor that stares at me from the back corner and  customized my keyboard drawer to fit within the arms of my new chair. The whole thing corners a bay window looking out on my front yard. I can see the bluebird house from my chair. It’s nest-building time, and a pair have been checking out their tiny apartment. Today, Monet was sleeping in the trash can under the desk; her tiny kitty-snores made me laugh. No traffic, no commute, no distractions (no excuses!?). My private oasis.

Over the middle of the “office” hangs a world map. It’s one of those freebees that came from National Geographic. We subscribed one year just to get the map. I put it in a poster frame. (I think I managed to frame a cat whisker in one corner, but since nobody else sees it, I won’t bother to take it out.) The map helps me locate some obscure places that I need to write about. I’m slowly learning the geography of Africa, South America and Asia. The world looks small from here. I wonder how it looks to God? I can see Haiti and Chile in one glance. I can cover them both with one span of my hand.  But for the hundreds of thousands of people who live in those countries and others printed on the three-foot paper expanse, there’s no quiet oasis. Many of them are thankful just to be alive. They’re happy if they can find any food today, much less eat three gracious meals like I’ve had. For them a bed would be a luxury, much less a chair!

My map is a reality check. It reminds me to pray and challenges me not to take life for granted.


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