What’s New for the New Year?

January 1, 2010

A journey

I woke this morning to a new day in a new year, the first of a new decade. But in spite of all the celebration and commercial hype, I still found myself in the same old body. Nothing had changed overnight in my personal circumstances. The wind is blowing over winter’s landscape across the neighborhood just like it did yesterday. And regardless of colorful parades through the streets of New York, there isn’t much to look forward to from the chambers of Congress or the White House.

I read in an email this week that a pessimist is “a person who is seasick for the entire voyage of life.” I really don’t want that to describe me. I prefer to consider myself a realist: I’ll take my dramamine and enjoy the ride. Maybe nothing has changed in my environment, and perhaps there’s nothing much I can do about that. But there are changes I’d like to see.

We don’t venture out on New Year’s Eve. Last night we watched a movie called Faith Like Potatoes. I was deeply challenged by the main character, who radically changed when he gave his life and his livelihood to Jesus Christ. Angus Buchan’s childlike faith just took God at His Word, and he saw miracles.

I’m too hesitant to pray radical prayers. The change I’d like to see God make in me this year is to grow my faith in significant ways. It’s a matter of trust, of giving up what little control I think I have (which is really just self-deception) and really submitting to Him. I want to have an ear that’s fine-tuned to His still, small voice, and a heart that’s willing to actually carry out what He says.

It’s extremely scary to pray about faith. The prayer entails a willingness to be stretched, to look the impossible in the face and believe God. I don’t really want to do it in myself, but I know I’ll never grow past where I am if I don’t. What’s new in this new year? I don’t know yet, but I’m praying for faith to anticipate God’s surprises.


One Response to “What’s New for the New Year?”

  1. paul merrill Says:

    Love your closer – “praying for faith to anticipate God’s surprises.”

    My version: “praying for faith to accept God’s surprises” – maybe more pessimistic.

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