Giving Up Her Insurance

December 7, 2009

As I was reading John 12 recently, verses 3-7 struck me. In this scene, Lazarus’ sister, Mary, pours expensive ointment on Jesus’ feet and wipes them with her hair.

Mary, having seen Jesus do the impossible by raising Lazarus to life from the dead – after four days! – knew He was the “Resurrection and the Life.” The ointment she poured on His feet was not only an act of love, but a symbol of her faith. She was pouring out ointment that was usually reserved for annointing dead bodies. Maybe she’d been saving it for her family to use for her own death, or maybe she’d recently used part of it on Lazarus.

But she knew from recent experience that she wasn’t going to need it. Jesus was able to raise the dead. Why did she need to plan for death when the Way to Life sat right in her living room?

Mary joyfully gave up her insurance policy. She knew Jesus was somehow going to take care of her. With this act, she made a public statement that that effect. Death had been poured out on Life.


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