November 20, 2009

Yesterday talk-radio host Deidre Hughey interviewed me for her blogsite about my most recent book, What the Locusts Had Eaten, The Nikki O’Baire Story. You can hear the 45-minute discussion at Deidre has interesting guests every week. You can visit her archives to hear some of the other authors and experts she’s talked with.

I’m always happy to talk about Nikki’s story. It is one of devastation to hope, of desperation to peace. I’m glad my job was to write about it, not live it. However, she and I both know and believe that God doesn’t waste our pain. He uses broken people whose lives were shattered; He alone can put the pieces back together and refract beautiful images of Himself through those vessels. How thankful I am to be one of those “cracked pots” He’s chosen to use.

One of the questions Deidre asked was how we are marketing the book. I have to admit I’ve fallen down on the job there to a great degree. My summer was spent dealing with illness, but I’m fine now and ready to consider some new marketing ideas. Please respond to this blog or to my Facebook page (Jennifer Evans) if you have any ideas!

One thing we’d like to do is market to book clubs. If you’re in one or would like to start one, please let me know. This book could be life-changing for you or someone you know who is going through struggles. There are thought and discussion questions for each chapter that are tailor-made for book clubs or Bible study groups. I’d be happy to have a “virtual discussion” with a book club over Skype or by phone. It could be an adventure!

I have to tell you a funny question Deidre asked me at the end (in case you didn’t get a chance to listen). She asked if I could have any superpower, what would it be and why. After not much thought, I said, “I’d like to be able to fly.” I still think that would be wonderful; I’ve done it in dreams and it’s perfectly glorious! Just think of all the places you could visit. Imagine soaring over rush-hour instead of participating in it. If a friend across the ocean was having a hard time, you could just drop in for a visit without waiting for a visa or paying for a ticket. It would be a breeze (so to speak). 🙂

 But for me the best thing about the ability to fly would be having control. Don’t we all long for that? No one could hold you down or tell you where to go. Dependence on a pilot or a driver would be over. No more confining oneself to speed limits imposed by someone else who thinks they’re for your own good. Setting your own boundaries. Or not.

That’s probably why God invented gravity. I need something to ground me, something to keep me in check and keep me from floating out into space. If I could fly, I’d mess it up. I’d run into a bird and meet an unpleasant or get sucked into a jet engine. Knowing my tendency to go the opposite direction (even with a GPS), I’d never make it to where I thought I was going.

In fact, He gives me all kinds of boundaries. The Ten Commandments. The Sermon on the Mount. “Love others as you’d have them love you.” He does it on purpose to protect me from my independence. That’s what surrender is all about. He sets boundaries for me so that I won’t have to go through what Nikki O’Baire did.

I’ll bet when my loving Daddy thinks I’m ready to fly, He’ll give me what I need to do it.


3 Responses to “”

  1. paul merrill Says:

    I have had literal dreams that I could fly. It was an amazing feeling – the breeze would pick up and I would jump up and soar high.

    As you say, God knows better!

  2. Johanna Fenton Says:

    Oh, this is too funny! Picturing my friends Paul and Jenny soaring through the air. Thanks for the blip of cheer, mates.

  3. It was wonderful to have you on the show! Thank you for being a very enjoyable guest. 🙂

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