I’m NOT Lost…

November 9, 2009

Grace Labor Day 09

Grace - Happy 16th!

My husband depends on me for directions: if he turns exactly the opposite way from that which I suggest, it’s almost sure to be correct. I don’t know if I have other mental issues (ignorance is bliss), but I know I’m directionally challenged.

Yesterday, I had another chance to demonstrate my dubious guidance skills. Unfortunately, I was driving. And doubly embarrassing –  I had a lovely young passenger (my soon-to-be-sixteen niece). It’s easier to invent detours when you’re alone.

We’d started out on an expedition into Atlanta’s downtown area. It should have been a 30-minute trip from our remote locale. Since I was busy, my kind husband had programmed the GPS. I had understood that when I turned it on, it would magically take us to our destination. Usually, the plan is flawless.

However, on this particular birthday celebration day, the GSP lost its mind and almost caused me to lose mine. Instead of taking us to Atlantic Station, a wonderland of shopping pleasure, it drove us past our exit and told us we were going to the Fox Theater! Oh dear…

After touring an industrial area, going the wrong way to wind up on a major interstate headed away from our goal and running up a few dead-end streets, I felt like I was living one of my nightmares. A few vehicles honked their horns, and I really don’t think it was because they loved Jesus. I wanted to cry.

Grace (living up to her name) wisely stayed calm. A bumper sticker I saw once said, “I’m not lost; I’m exploring.” We definitely discovered some brand-new territory! I handed Grace the cell phone and the GPS, and she navigated us back from no-man’s land into familiar waters.

After a U-turn I’d have shouted about as a passenger, we finally found the parking lot for our destination. A five-minute search landed us in a decent slot and we sighed with relief. The half-hour trip had only taken us an hour and forty-five minutes.

Dinner was delicious and shopping delightful, but I can’t wait for the laughs we’ll have years from now looking back on our unplanned adventure. I just hope Grace doesn’t remember that U-turn when she takes her driver’s test….



3 Responses to “I’m NOT Lost…”

  1. paul merrill Says:

    I can TOTALLY relate!

    Heather and I are the same way, only I am the directionally-challenged one of the couple.

    By the way, your iPhone has a GPS – it might be easier to use than the car-based one. Try that next time – maybe bring along Gary as a tutor & do it as a trial run rather than under pressure.

  2. Good plan! Thanks for the input. I actually had BOTH the i-phone and the GPS during this whole mis-adventure. I know – I’m pitiful! 🙂

  3. Johanna Fenton Says:

    Jenny–this was HILARIOUS! I was laughing out loud throughout the entire story. Thanks! And yes, my husband has said on occasion, “So if you think we should go this way, we really should go the opposite way.” Wow, we three (including Paul) have yet another thing in common–does it in some way relate to our creativity?

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