November 7, 2009

Farm in the fall

Georgia in autumn

Today I had the opportunity to spend some time with an 89 year-young friend. She recently shattered her right hip when she fell (or fell as her hip shattered?), and is in a rehab center for physical therapy. The dear soul is quite deaf and also losing her sight, but her mind is pretty sharp.

What would it be like to be nearly ninety (her birthday is later this month), live through almost a century of history and watch your great-grandchildren start college? She remembers when she saw her first car. Most appliances we take for granted have been invented in her lifetime. Her family owned a farm during the Depression in the dustbowl of our country. Two World Wars, the entire rise and fall of the U.S.S.R., the creation of multiple countries and the dissolution of others… This lady has a treasure-trove of memories.

Yet during my visit, most of those fascinating portions of her past stayed dormant. I pushed her wheelchair into the sunshine of the courtyard and made small talk. Maybe she forgot her pain for a little while.

I pray she’ll have better days ahead, and that the therapy will be effective on her tired bones. She’s lived through so much. Next visit, I want to read to her about heaven. But I also plan to ask her more about her journey on earth.


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