Learning to Worship From a Cat

October 28, 2009

Monet Sept 09

Monet napping with her red ball

I just get settled in my comfy chair with my Bible in my lap, and here comes this bottle-brush tail, visible before the rest of her, bobbing into my line of vision. Soon Monet is on the arm of my chair, negotiating persistently for a place in my lap. She isn’t happy with laying beside me; she wants me to move the Book and study her. She’s gazing at me, purr motor at full tilt, rubbing her head against my stomach, licking my hand, nuzzling into the crook of my elbow. I lay the Bible aside and pet her for a while.

Tiny little life that totally adores me, relishes my attention, squeezes her round eyes tight in delight whenever she feels my touch… My precious pet knows instinctively how to worship. I could imagine God wanting me to “climb” into His lap, lay my head against His chest and be totally content to just rest there. I pictured Jesus stroking my head and pulling me into His arms for comfort and reassurance. Knowing how much it blessed me to have this unconditional acceptance from my cat, I realized how much it would please my Heavenly Father if I absolutely trusted Him.

Maybe God put animals in our lives to teach us lessons. To be fair, I have to say my kitty definitely has a mind of her own (just like me!). She can be stubborn, sassy, angry and rebellious. I have to respond appropriately, remembering that she’s really just an animal (not a child!). God does that with me, too. He recognizes my human nature and disciplines me as is appropriate. The analogy certainly breaks down here, but there are some valuable lessons in it.

Worship involves showing what someone or something is worth to you. Monet is pretty limited in how she can show that to me. But she always stays close to me, moving from one room to another when I do and watching my every move whenever she’s awake. I wonder if I’m that congnizant of watching what God is up to and being aware of where He’s leading. Do I study Him as thoroughly as my pet studies me? That’s pretty convicting…


2 Responses to “Learning to Worship From a Cat”

  1. Parke Says:

    Glad to see you writing here, Jenny. It looks like a very good start. I’ll be following things.

    • Thanks, Parke. I thought it would give me an outlet for some other writing. I’m pretty disillusioned with the entire publishing industry, so I don’t want to start another book. Here I can just write for fun. ahh. No marketing needed. 🙂

      I need to find out from Paul how to publish comments. I’m still in first gear. ha.

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