Feeling Opinionated

October 27, 2009

Today I got another letter from an organization called English First (google to find their website). This particular organization is working to get legislation passed that would make English the official language of the United States. This would not mean other languages would not be spoken, but it would eliminate the federal requirement that any agency receiving government funding provide services in whatever language a client requires (I’m adding a page that includes an article I wrote some time ago on the subject. Please read there for more info).

Today’s letter told about an investigation done by a TV station in Dallas, Texas. It seems internationally  airline maintanence manuals are all written in English and English proficiency is supposed to be required – by the FAA – of all aviation mechanics. This prevents mistakes and misunderstandings that could cost passengers their lives. However, airlines have been ignoring these rules and hiring people in these jobs who can neither read nor speak English! Congressman Bilbray (California) is leading efforts to make the FAA abide by its own rules. Good for him, and better for us passengers!

I believe in preserving heritage. My daily work involves helping translate the Bible into the heart languages of people groups around the world(www.theseedcompany.org ). God understands every person’s language and wants to relate to each person in that mother tongue. But we can’t. Humans, in order to have a united country, need a common language. What will happen if we can’t understand one another? It’s already been demonstrated in Genesis 11 with the tower of Babel. When people can’t understand one another, civilizations crumble.

If I didn’t know Who is still in control, I could become quite pessimistic.


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