Enjoying An Autumn Evening

October 25, 2009

Feels like fall…

Feels like fall...

Days like this arouse the poet in me. Crimson and gold drape every oak, poplar and maple tree in decadent color. If I were a pine, I’d be terribly jealous – until winter when everyone else is naked…

Here’s one of those poems I told you about. Please enjoy it as much as I do. I wrote it a long time ago when I lived in South Carolina’s lowlands and worked at a children’s home. Sitting on the dock overlooking a quiet pond, enjoying an evening much like this one…



My October Wears

 My October wears
a cherry sun in a strawberry sky
pink evening settling softly
into sleepy clouds that rest,
waiting, treetopped,
to tiptoe into twilight.

 My October wears
a velvet night sequinned with diamond stars
and a single pearl,
that million-carat moon,
that early glows orange
and fades to mellow
with her mood.

 My October wears
a crisp misty blue morning
fringed with frosted fragile
lacy thin spiderwebs.
She smiles a yellow sun
into the turquoise
and watches the world
turn into Autumn.

copyright 1984


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